Love the dress!!!!!

Kathryn contacted us a few weeks back asking if we could do a ‘Trash the Dress’ type shoot with her as she’d married in September and wanted to step inside her beautiful dress once more before it was cleaned and boxed away. As we’re in the middle of November I arranged for us to meet with Kathryn at the stunning Risley Hall Hotel which would give us the opportunity to take some indoor shots, before stepping out into the windy wet weather. Although the weather was damp our spirits were really high and we all had a fabulous time, Kathryn looked amazing and her dress had a vintage theme which totally fitted the environment we were in. Due to the cold, it was very tempting but we skipped asking Kathryn to take a dip in the stream that runs through the grounds.

Thank you Kathryn for a great morning and a huge thank you to the staff at Risley Hall for making us so welcome!!

Butterworth Photography Trash the dress01

Butterworth Photography Trash the dress02

Butterworth Photography Trash the dress12

Butterworth Photography Trash the dress03

Butterworth Photography Trash the dress04

Butterworth Photography Trash the dress05

Butterworth Photography Trash the dress07

Butterworth Photography Trash the dress08

Butterworth Photography Trash the dress09

Butterworth Photography Trash the dress13

Butterworth Photography Trash the dress14

Butterworth Photography Trash the dress15

Mr & Mrs Batey – 31 October 2009

In his speech Steve said that Sam made life easy, he didn’t have to explain that it because she was a great asset around the house, I knew what he meant. Finding your true partner does put that extra spring in your step and a bigger smile on your face. Steve and Sam were brimming with happiness and smiles as they joined in their marriage on 31 October at St Peter & Pauls church in Warsop and then at Clumber Park Hotel.

I spent a couple of hours with the bridal party before arriving at the church, Sam was ready and looking gorgeous as I left. I’ll remember Steve for being the most relaxed groom I’ve met before his wedding as he supped a big mug of tea at the front of the church whilst waiting for it to fill with their guests. He was so excited yet calm and ready to meet his bride!! However I did later joke with him that he seemed more nervous before his speech!

After the ceremony we drove over to their reception at Clumber Park Hotel, where they had a beautiful room set for their reception dinner. It was after coffee that the gents gave their speeches, and I think Steve’s best man Pete did an amazing job for his efforts of putting together a great speech for his great friend. As true football fans he started with a letter from Stuart Pearce congratulating Sam and Steve on their wedding day, then he showed video clips from numerous Nottingham Forest players who also sent their best wishes.

Mr & Mrs Batey, thank you for inviting us to capture such a beautiful and exciting time of your lives. We wish you both lots and lots of love and happiness!!

Butterworth Wedding Photography373

Butterworth Wedding Photography374

Butterworth Wedding Photography378

Butterworth Wedding Photography375

Butterworth Wedding Photography376

Butterworth Wedding Photography379

Butterworth Wedding Photography380

Butterworth Wedding Photography381

Butterworth Wedding Photography382

The Butterworth Blog is BACK …. wooo hooo!!!

It’s been ages since we’ve posted and for that we’re very sorry. It’s been for the pure reason that our last blog just wasn’t ‘doing it for me’. I’ve never got past January 3rd when trying to write a diary, but I love to blog about Butterworth Photography, the fun we have and the fab people we meet. But as we’d changed out blog package it was involving too much fiddly stuff and getting in the way of getting our latest images out into the public. So here we are, and I hope you like it! Comments welcome as always – and we love to read them!

I’ve lots of images that need to be included so I’m going to pick a few and take it from there. So first up is the beautiful Emily, so lovely she nearly tempted me to Butterworth baby 3 (i’m just waiting on that all important sleep button to be invented!). When I arrived at Emily’s family home she was contently sleeping in her chair, she was so cosy I was able to move her into the light and capture those gorgeous eyes, diddy fingers and toes. When she woke we went up to her nursery and took some images there then back down stairs for some pictures with her family including her grandparents. Well done Emily for being a fabulous little girl!!







Congratulations Mr & Mrs Bright

Saturday was a beautiful mid September day for the wedding of Martin and Tracy at the Newton Park Hotel. It was a gorgeous location, for a fabulous couple. I joined Tracy with the ladies in her bridal suite to capture the preparations, it was a real hive of activity and excitement and everyone came out looking a million dollars!

We usually shoot a wedding ceremony (when permitted) with myself at the front and Neil at the back of the venue, however we swapped today and Neil had the benefit of standing in the sunshine outside to shoot through the open window at the front. It wasn’t until downloading the images that I got to see the full emotion of those 20-30 minutes that have been planned and so looked forward to for all these months. Those emotions that really joined Martin and Tracy together as husband and wife, and it was fabulous to see them sharing so many smiles and sparkly eyed looks!

After the ceremony everyone went outside where there was lots of opportunity for the smaller guests to have some fun and the older ones to relax and enjoy the September sun. We had a giggle to at the wedding breakfast tables which were elegantly prepared and labelled with a variety of ‘real ales’ to complement the seating plan.

Thank you to all of Tracy & Martin’s guests for a fantastic day and also we would like to send a special thanks to Tom Reddy, he’s an amazing toastmaster and a real team player – it was great working along side you Tom! He was outstanding in ensuring everything ran smoothly for the duration of the day. (See Tom below!)

Tracy & Martin, we wish you all the happiness, fun, love and laughter. We’ve had a fabulous time getting to know you both and we hope you have an amazing time on your fabulous honeymoon!

Butterworth Wedding Photography132

Butterworth Wedding Photography146

Butterworth Wedding Photography133

Butterworth Wedding Photography134

Butterworth Wedding Photography145

Butterworth Wedding Photography136

Butterworth Wedding Photography137

Butterworth Wedding Photography138

Butterworth Wedding Photography140

Butterworth Wedding Photography141

Butterworth Wedding Photography144

Butterworth Wedding Photography143

Butterworth Wedding Photography142

Butterworth Wedding Photography135

The beautiful wedding day of Mr & Mrs Williamson

Congratulations Helen and Mark, we were so excited to be a part of your wedding yesterday. We’ve loved along the way; hearing your plans, sharing a fun engagement shoot and now your wedding. I have so many fond memories of the day – the smell of lavender from your bouquet, little Emily helping with your shoes, the beautiful church and a fantastic venue (with the fab l’occitane!).

I started the the day at Helen’s parent’s house for the bridal preparations and Neil joined Mark and the guys at Bunny church, Nottinghamshire. The inside of the church was a picture of beauty on it’s own, fantastic light shone through the many windows and it was dressed with beautiful flowers. I thought it was very special that from the house I could see the church just nestling close by. Once Helen was ready and looking amazing it was just a short drive to meet Mark looking happy and handsome at the altar.

After a special ceremony with memorable readings including the poem ‘Yes, I’ll Marry You’ by Pam Ayres, we headed off to The Carriage Hall in Plumtree . It’s a stunning venue, and we had a fantastic time taking images there.

Helen and Mark, a big congratulations to you both. We wish you endless happy times, lots of love and above all an amazing future with baby Williamson!! Neil & Becky xx

Please leave a comment on the blog – we love reading them!

Friends & Family of Mark & Helen can view the full slideshow by clicking here, if you do not have the user name and password contact the bride and groom for details.

Butterworth Wedding Photography RBNBHM001

Butterworth Wedding Photography RBNBHM003

Butterworth Wedding Photography RBNBHM004

Butterworth Wedding Photography RBNBHM005

Butterworth Wedding Photography RBNBHM006

Butterworth Wedding Photography RBNBHM007

Butterworth Wedding Photography RBNBHM009

Butterworth Wedding Photography RBNBHM010

Butterworth Wedding Photography RBNBHM011

Butterworth Wedding Photography RBNBHM013

Butterworth Wedding Photography RBNBHM016

Butterworth Wedding Photography RBNBHM015

Butterworth Wedding Photography RBNBHM017

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Lewis!!

WOW, what a fantastic day! We had such a blast capturing the beautiful wedding of Stewart and Suzanne Lewis yesterday. The day started for me at their home for the bridal preparations and Neil met with Stewart and his best man at Sywell Aerodrome in Northampton. While I was enjoying time with the ladies getting ready, Stewart and his best man flew by helicopter to the church. Unfortunately the church helipad was out of action so the next best thing was the local village school playground which happens to be where Suzanne works as a primary teacher. The ceremony was very special too, with songs from the school choir and 150 guests to witness the true love that this fantastic couple have for each another.

After the ceremony I followed Suzanne & Stewart to the school so they could fly off to their reception venue, Hanger One at the Aviator Hotel, which was a fab location with it’s art deco theme and views over the airfield. The room looked stunning which was due to lots of hard work and planning from Suzanne and her sister Yvonne. I’m sure if it was possible they’d have bottled a drop of love, a splash of friendship and a sprinkle of fairy dust (from Molly) on each table.

Congratulations Mr and Mrs Lewis, we wish you lots of love, happiness and laughter together.

Friends & Family of Suzanne and Stewart can view the full slideshow by clicking here, if you do not have the user name and password contact the bride and groom for details.

Butterworth Wedding Photography Lewis2

Butterworth Wedding PhotographyLewis3

Butterworth Wedding Photography Lewis4

Butterworth Wedding Photography Lewis5

Butterworth Wedding Photography Lewis6

Butterworth Wedding Photography Lewis7

Butterworth Wedding Photography Lewis8

Butterworth Wedding Photography Lewis9

Butterworth Wedding Photography Lewis10

Butterworth Wedding Photography Lewis11

Butterworth Wedding Photography Lewis12

Butterworth Wedding Photography Lewis13

Butterworth Wedding Photography Lewis14

Butterworth Wedding Photography Lewis15

Urban Lifestyle with Gabriella

Today Neil spent some time in Nottingham City with Gabriella creating some urban lifestyle images for her portfolio. They had a great time and used some quieter locations to get some shots in and out of the rain as Nottingham’s Market Square has currently been transformed into ‘Nottingham Beach’, that’s right, sand, water, deck chairs, helter skelter the lot – well apart from the sunshine!! If you’re in the city with the kids it’s well worth a visit, take a towel and spare clothes, it really is that authentic!!

Gabriella was great to work with and I’d certainly like to work on a future project with her.

Here’s a few images from the shoot:



Gaby 3

Gaby 4

Gaby 5

Gaby 6

Gaby 7

Gaby 9

Treetops Hospice Ripple Appeal Running Team

Neil spent a few hours today capturing the amazing work of Kate, Lily & their running team for the Treetops Hospice Ripple Appeal. They were in Nottingham City Victoria Centre with the support of Heart FM, Nottingham Rugby Team and John Lewis, encouraging people to run on behalf of the Ripple Appeal in this September’s Nottingham Festival of Running. They certainly attracted some fantastic attention!!

The Ripple Appeal is on the final challenge to raise the remaining £300k for it’s new extension to Treetops Hospice. We’ve been supporting the hospice and have seen first hand what a fantastic job Kate and Lily have been doing to raise money for the much needed extension to the hospice as the demand grows for such a fabulous facility.

For further information, please visit Treetops Ripple Appeal.

Here’s Lily & Kate!!

PR Shoot

PR Shoot

PR Shoot

PR Shoot

PR Shoot

PR Shoot

PR Shoot

PR Shoot

PR Shoot

Great news our images supported a full page feature for the hospice in the September edition of Nottinghamshire Life magazine.

Notts Life Mag Sept 09

Sunday morning stroll in the park …

This morning we met up with Helen and Mark for their pre-wedding shoot at Rushcliffe Park. We’d packed the umbrellas as it looked a little grey but the sunshine came out for us and the morning was fun! The park is fantastic with lots of little areas to venture off to and explore – great from kids, even better for us big kids!

Helen and Mark get married this August in Bunny, Nottinghamshire. Thanks to both of you for a fab morning – look forward to catching up with you before your special day!!




_MG_6859 signed



Congratulations Archie & Lisa!!

Wow, what a fab day. Thank you Archie, Lisa …. and little Seth, for a wonderful day photographing your wedding day! Neil and I arrived to capture the bridal and groom preparations for the ceremony and celebrations of Lisa and Archie’s wedding at Donington Manor. Lisa looked stunning along with her bridesmaid Sarah, and the guys looked real handsome gents.

I realised today after we left that I have a routine of telling Neil at which point I have a little tear in my eye during the wedding ceremony’s that we shoot. This differed slightly today, I was nearly had at the family reading during the service however it was Archie’s speech that triggered me. The emotion he spoke of his love for Lisa as his soul mate and mother, was something very special.

Lisa and Archie we’ve known you for a short time but know that you’re both really special people. Sending you our happy wishes to you both and Seth, and look forward to catching up with you very soon!

The wedding oozed excitement from the bride and groom – especially during the ceremony!!

_MG_6464 signed

_MG_9220 signed




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_MG_9468 signede