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So last Sunday I was lucky enough to join the McConnochie family for their family lifestyle shoot around Elvaston Castle.  With 3 boys and 7 month old baby Skye it made for a fun afternoon.  I met them as they were waving 3 wooden swords at me, thankfully I came away without any scratches! Although there were a few muddy bottoms from all the tree climbing and sliding down dirt paths – not mine though!

I love photographing boys, there’s so much energy, tree climbing, running and action from anything that comes their way!  The McConnochie boys were fabulous for that, each with their own little personality they make a perfect little team and one I can see Ruth and Pete were very proud of. Baby Skye would sit watching very contently from her buggy and every so often one of the boys would venture over to her and give her a pat on the head or a little peck on the forehead – she’s going to be one protected little girl as she grows up!

Thanks for a lovely afternoon guys, it was delightful spending time with you!  Keep in touch!  Becky xx

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